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Changes in Immigration Rules: Written Statement – HCWS1159


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Tier 1 Entrepreneur

According to a recent statement of changes, it was confirmed that the Home Secretary intends to introduce a new route of Innovator, for individuals with the relevant experience in business. Interestingly, this will replace the current Tier 1 Entrepreneur, which is the route for individuals who wish to come to the UK with the intention of either setting up or running businesses in the UK.

The main change proposed will be the requirement of the endorsement by a business sponsor, which has not been clarified yet. Thus, it is hard to say who will be a business sponsor and how this will be assessed in order to be eligible for the endorsement.

The Home Secretary aims to introduce these changes in Spring 2019. It is clear that the Home Secretary’s proposals will be more stringent compared to the current Tier 1 Entrepreneur route, as ideas for their innovation, viability and scalability will be assessed in more detail.

Hopefully, the Home Secretary will consult further with regards to these changes before they implement them.

Therefore, we advise individuals thinking of applying under this route to proceed before the changes are scheduled to take place in Spring 2019.

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