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by Keisha Hulsey - Location:
Reversed curtailment of British sponsorship visa & naturalisation

Barar and Associates were incredible in helping me through an extraordinarily stressful period of my British journey. After 7 years legally in the country, my employer's sponsorship status expired and resulted in the curtailment of my sponsorship visa. Due to unusual circumstances, I was asked to leave the U.K. within 1 week. I contacted Pam and the team jumped in to my rescue. It took several weeks and was a complicated process but their commitment and caring communication with me was invaluable. Robbie Ramos worked tirelessly to achieve the best result. It was such an amazing outcome actually in that the curtailment was completely overturned and my original visa was reinstated. This made an enormous difference to my future in the U.K. and was better than anyone had expected. It meant that one year later, I was able to return to Barar & Associates to complete my naturalisation process which has now been awarded. The entire team at Barar & Associates were incredibly helpful, supportive and professional and I would recommend them to anyone without hesitation! My gratitude to the team is endless.

by Emmanouil Pagiatakis - Location:
Thank you for the excellent work in my daughter´s PR application

My daughter´s EEA permanent residence(PR) application was a complicated case due to her change of status from student to self-sufficient during the required five year period as well as due to the fact that, during her studies, I resided in two different countries outside the UK. I appreciated that Mr Hameed checked the comprehensive insurance certificate, issued by a non-UK insurance company, for compliance before accepting any payment. Due to a substantial amount of required non-UK documentation I had frequent email exchanges with Mr Hameed who advised us how to request the documents in order to be compliant with the requirements of the Home Office. All emails have been answered within minutes, even during the holiday month of August. It took only three weeks to process the PR application which I attribute to the excellent work done in drafting the application.I definitely recommend Barar & Associates as a reliable and competent partner in immigration issues.

by Daleel Adversing Co - Location:
Thank You Team Barar and Associates

Our sincere compliments and gratitude to Barar & Associates for their support in obtaining Overseas Business representative visa for our staff. We are glad to choose your company; They have displayed high level of professionalism, highly knowledgeable, courteous and always ready to help. If we did not have such guidance with regards to procedures and required documentation the processing time would be much longer. The whole process went very smoothly and we are happy that the visa got granted in a short period of time. Team Barar & Associates keep it going!!

by Anastasia - Location:

I would like to thank you, Barrar team, for my successful ILR application. All of their team members, particularly Emma and Khayrullo were very prompt with their responses. They have been recommended to me by a friend who also has received her ILR. Which makes me believe that their success rate in residency applications is as high as advertised. Thank you again.

by Mrs Fecto - Location:

Thank You Barar & Associates for their excellent service.Thank you Pam, Emma, Robbie, and Leigh.Emma was particularly very prompt and responsive to any queries that I, my husband or my son had. She resolved any issues we had and arranged meetings with other colleagues if the matter was not related to immigration but came up during our process. She is very thorough in her work and does her work with pure dedication. I would highly recommend Barar and associates to potential clients, my family and friends that require legal support on immigration matters.

by Tier 2 Skilled Worker - Location:

I would like to thank Barar & Associates for their excellent service.

Emma was particularly very prompt and responsive to my 'many' queries. I would highly recommend Barar to potential clients that require legal support on immigration matters.

by Ho lam - Location:
Tier 2 skilled worker

I would like to thank you Saad for being very prompt at responding and dealing with my visa . Everything went very smooth and organized. I am no doubt that to recommend Barar to my friend.

by Kakhaber Abashidze - Location: London
Vice President and General Manager

I am perhaps one of the oldest and most loyal customer of Barar & Associates! I have been working with Pam and her team since 2004! In total Barar and Associates worked on SEVEN individual cases for me and my family! And I came back each time knowing that we were using the best in class legal guidance and services.First it was my case and a pretty complicated one, than my ILR, than my citizenship, my wife's ILR and her citizenship, my mother's ILR and her citizenship.I am not an easy customer, but when dealing with B&A you know you can trust them, you know they know their trade and they will do their best. They make it look so straight forward and easy, but immigration in the UK is NOT easy, its B&A that is great.I have and will keep referring people to B&A and if anyone wants to get more info I will be happy to share.I wish B&A all the best of success!

by Viktor Koshmak - Location: London
Successful application

Me and my partner would like to thank once more Barar&associates,especially Pam and Emma, for their proffesional work and guidance in resolving our immigration situation. I was applying for residential permit with my partner (she is EEA citizen),and our case was by no means easy or straightforward,but with you acting on our behalf we’ve got positive result very quick. Pam and Emma were guiding,explaining and responding to us,so we felt confident and reassured during the case.We couldn’t wish for better service and assistance as now we can get on with our lives and plan things ahead.We’ve heard about Barar&associates from our friends,who’s similar application been successfully approved,and we will, and already did,recommend your company to all of our friendsThanks again ever so much,all the best

by Suhail - Location: Guildford
Tier 2 Application

I would like to thank Barar & Associates for their excellent service, especially Saad for being very prompt at responding and dealing with my queries. I would highly recommend Barar for anyone who needs to deal with immigration matters.

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