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Police Registration Scheme for foreign nationals abolished


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Police registration

As of 4 August 2022, the Government has decided to abolish the Police Registration Scheme so foreign nationals are no longer required to register with the police as overseas visitors. This article may be useful to you if you are a foreign national.

The scheme was abolished as it is outdated and no longer provides any public protection benefit to the Home Office or the police. The data a migrant provides to the police on registration is already captured by the Home Office at the visa application stage and is available to the police on request so there is no need for it to be provided twice.

The changes apply to foreign nationals in the below 3 situations:

  1. If you are already registered with the police and were asked to register again to enter or remain in the UK, you will now not need to do so;
  2. You do not need to notify the police of any changes to your circumstances;
  3. If you have been issued with a visa with the requirement to register but have not yet travelled to the UK, you will either be reissued with a new visa or notified in advance of your travel.

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