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UK Visas and Immigration Sponsor Licence


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UK Visas and Immigration Sponsor Licence

With Brexit looming around the corner, every business is on the edge to make sure that they are well-positioned for Brexit’s after-effect. Holding a UK Visas and Immigration Sponsor Licence will put companies in an advantageous position.

In some industries, it is already quite clear if they will suffer or come out victorious after Brexit.

With the government’s current proposal for changes within the UK’s immigration system, it is extremely important that companies in the UK are braced for an increase of demand for their domestic products and/or services.

In order to stay competitive and benefit from the economic growth Brexit will bring to some industries, companies will have to keep on top of the race against each other. The companies who will be at the forefront of the race will be composed and lead by talented and skilled workers from around the world.

Therefore, whatever your intention is, whether you wish to find a leader or to find an individual for one of your departments, you should be ready to hire the right person at any time.

Thus, in order to hire a migrant worker in the UK, a company will need to have a Sponsor Licence, granted by the Home Office (UK Visas and Immigration).

You can access the Home Office’s fees for UKVI Sponsor Licence by visiting our page via this link:

At Barar & Associates, our team of expert lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the UKVI’s Sponsor Licence. In the past, our team have assisted clients from small and medium enterprises to multinational corporations.

Barar & Associates’ personal touch ensures that our clients receive tailored service according to their needs.


If you would like to discuss or require more information about your company’s needs for a UKVI Sponsor Licence, please do not hesitate to contact our team of expert UK Immigration lawyers at or on 0207 487 8370.


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