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Growth in overseas students in the UK


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Overseas Students

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The UK government is aiming to boost their annual exports income from £20bn to £35bn by increasing the number of international students in the UK. However, in return there are no real credible incentives provided for international students. For example, Undergraduate and Masters’ students only get the right to work for 6 months after the completion of their studies and 12 months for doctoral students, which is less than what is offered by other countries such as Australia, USA and Canada.

This issue is even more poignant given the fact that the fees in the UK for international students are much higher compared to the fees EU and UK students have to pay.

The CEO of the Russel Group of leading research-based Universities, Tim Bradshaw, has commented on this and stated that more beneficial post-study visas have been asked in order to win the education market around the world and ensure that the UK constantly retains top foreign talents.

Damian Hinds, The Education Secretary, gave further comments and stated that the UK has the reputation of being one of the leading places in the world for students. Moreover, owing to the fact that the UK is supposedly leaving the EU, it is essential that the education system is utilised in its best way in order to continue being amongst the elite in the world.

The head of the Higher Education Policy Institute, Nick Hillman, indicated that in order to meet the target of £30bn, every government department must all steer in the right direction and that the Home Office needs to relax its current rules towards overseas students.

The Home Office should ensure that the rules are relaxed on educational establishments, in order to ease the constant stranglehold on their ability to operate, as the UK economy will benefit significantly from International students studying in the UK.

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