Tier 4 Pilot visa (Student)

Graduate with certificate

Tier 4 Pilot

Tier 4 Pilot is for students who seek to study a Masters course at the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of Bath or Imperial College London for 13 months or less, which excludes the period for pre-sessional course.

Pilot allows students to stay longer after the end of the course, specifically, Tier 4 Pilot students are allowed stay for the full length of the course plus six months after the course. Another benefit of Tier 4 Pilot students is submitting fewer documents with their applications. Tier 4 Pilot Students are not required to submit certificate or documents showing their previous qualification or documents showing that they meet the maintenance requirements.

However, they must meet the rest of requirements and hold documentary evidence as required. The Entry Clearance Office or Home Office might request some additional documents even where they qualify for the pilot.

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