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The UKVCAS IDV App – What It Is, and How It Can Benefit You as a Visa Applicant


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In recent months, an increasing number of visa applicants have been invited to use the UKVCAS IDV mobile application to reuse their biometrics. Originally only available for Tier 4 student visa applications, this simplified process of proving one’s identity has now been rolled out to cover a wide range of visa routes, provided the applicant is applying from inside the UK.

This article will summarise the benefits of using the application as opposed to attending a UKVCAS service point in person. It will also cover exactly which visa applicants will be eligible to use the application, in addition to the process itself.

What Is It?

The UKVCAS IDV app is a mobile application which can be downloaded on iPhone 7 and newer iPhone models, or an Android phone with near-field communication (NFC).

The application allows those making certain UK visa applications from within the UK to reuse their biometric information (their photograph and fingerprints). This process will be especially helpful for busy visa applicants, as it entirely eliminates the requirement to attend a biometric appointment at a local UKVCAS centre.

The UKVCAS IDV app will also save money for certain applicants, as they will no longer be required to pay extra for chargeable appointments in order to provide their biometrics outside of working hours.

Which Applicants are Eligible?

Upon its first release in September 2020, the UKVCAS IDV app was available only to those applying for the Tier 4 Student Visa. As of mid-March 2022, however, the app has now been made available to a far wider range of Visa applicants. These include nationality applicants, replacement Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) or Biometric Residence Card (BRC) applicants, and those applying for settlement as a partner or parent.

Additionally, applicants must meet the following conditions to use the mobile application instead of attending a UKVCAS service point:

  1. The applicant must apply for their Visa from inside the UK;
  2. The applicant must have previously submitted their biometrics (fingerprint and photograph) in a previous application to the Home Office; and
  3. The applicant must have received an email invitation to use the app, usually received after application submission.

 The Identity Verification Process

Once the applicant has submitted their Visa application, provided they meet the above conditions, they will receive an email from UKVCAS with a link to download the IDV app.

The applicant must then log into the application using certain unique details paired to their Visa application, before reading and accepting the application’s terms of use.

The app will then allow applicants to submit their supporting documents. These can either be uploaded from their phone’s internal storage, or applicants can use their phone’s camera to take photos of their documents.

Finally, the applicant must verify their identity by taking a picture of their face, completing a ‘liveness check’ and taking a photograph of their travel document.

After all of these steps have been completed, the applicant will be able to submit their application to UKVI by pressing the ‘submit’ button.

Here at Barar & Associates, we understand that certain elements of Visa applications can be complex and confusing, especially in the context of the Home Office’s ever-changing systems.

Subsequently, should you require our assistance with the process of verifying identity with the UKVCAS IDV app, or simply wish to discuss your UK immigration matters, please contact our expert team of London immigration lawyers at Barar and Associates at or call us on 020 7487 8370.


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