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Global Talent visa

On 6th October 2021, the Home Office published their first list of approved awards databases accepted by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) for Global Talent alongside some guidance.

Applicants must show that their grant or award from an endorsed funder is worth no less than £30,000, covers a minimum of 2 years and is either:

  • Funded by a one-off grant or award won in an open competition; or
  • Attributed to a large institutional, renewable award that is subject to periodic peer review.

The award could either be provided by an applicant directly or by the Director of Human Resources or the equivalent at the employing or hosting body.

To show that the award meets the above-mentioned requirements, applicants could either provide:

  • A confirmation letter from the endorsed funder list below; or
    • CORDIS EU Research Results
    • ERC Funded project database
    • Funding and tenders opportunity portal
    • UKRI Gateway to Research
  • A link to a UKRI approved database that confirms the same.

 Representative of an overseas business

As of the 6th October 2021, the representative of an overseas business guidance has been updated.

It amended the eligibility requirements such as work and business requirements,  for settlement in the route by requiring applicants to show they have continued to meet the requirements of the route throughout the five-year qualifying period leading up to their settlement application.

Additionally, it removed the requirement for settlement applicants to be paid the appropriate salary, since there are no specified salary requirements within the route.

For more details, you can access the guidance via the link below:

Visit guidance

The visit guidance was updated on 6th October 2021 to clarify the following points:

  1. Visitors are not permitted to act as au-pairs for families in the UK as this is considered to be providing a service, which is not permitted under the immigration rules;
  2. Visitors are permitted to come to the UK to seek employment and attend job interviews. However, the caseworker must be satisfied that should they be successful in obtaining employment they will leave the UK and seek the appropriate entry clearance prior to commencing work;
  3. There must be a contract of sale in place between the overseas and UK-based company specifying the arrangements for business visitors coming to manufacture and supply goods in the UK.

For more details, you can access the guidance via the link below:

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