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New Online Right to Work Checking Service for employers


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The Immigration Minister, Caroline Nokes, announced that from 28th January 2019, employers can rely on an online Right to Work Checking Service to demonstrate compliance with illegal working legislation without having to provide or request documents.

This service should give employers access to “up to date, real-time information about migrants’ right to work”, and would be free of charge and secured.

By using this service, employers can then demonstrate that they have conducted the necessary right to work checks on migrants and avoid a penalty if they are found to be employing illegal workers.

You can access the online Right to Work Checking Service for employers via this link:

It is not compulsory to use this service in order to check the right to work for migrant workers. However, the Home Office guidance ensures that employers must conduct right to work checks on all persons they intend to employ on a non-discriminatory basis.

On the other hand, migrants can also demonstrate their right to work by using an online check called “Prove your right to work to an employer”.

You can access the online “Prove your right to work to an employer” for migrants via this link:

The Home Office confirmed that migrants will be able to authorise their current or prospective employers to access information about their immigration status in order to conduct checks. Migrants will also be able to know and see exactly what information will be shared.

Those checking services can be used by non-EEA nationals who hold Biometric Residence Permits (BRP) and also EEA nationals who have been granted settled status under the EU settlement scheme which is scheduled to be launched on 30th March 2019.


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