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New changes affect Tier 4 students


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  • From August 2015, Tier 4 students at publicly funded colleges are no longer allowed to work part-time.
  • From August 2015, Tier 4 students at universities are now permitted to study at the same level if there is a link with the previous course which have been studied before, or if it is confirmed by the university that the same level course sustains their future career.
  • From November 2015, college students are stopped to apply for an extension of their Tier 4 visas unless the college is embedded to a university recognised by the Home Office.
  • From November 2015, college students are not permitted to switch to Tier 2 and Tier 5 visa inside the UK.
  • From the autumn 2015, Tier 4 dependants are prevented to take unskilled or low skilled jobs, however permitted to take skilled work on the part and full time basis.
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