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Future of UK Immigration: UK Points-Based immigration system further details statement


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Future of UK Immigration: UK Points-Based immigration system further details statement

On 13th July 2020, the UK government has published further details on how the new immigration system will operate after freedom of movement ends on 31st December 2020. 

The Points-Based system will be brought in phased stages and the government will be publishing further guidance on this in due course. The new immigration system will be effective by January 2021.

So what is contained in the statement?

(i)              Written confirmation of immigration status

All EU and non-EU citizens who would like to come and live or work in the UK after 31st December 2020 will be required to meet the eligibility requirements and need to evidence their entitlement to be in the UK.

All applicants will be provided with a written confirmation for their immigration status in the UK.

(ii)            Right to work checks

All EU and non-EU citizens who are working in the UK will be able to check their ‘right to work’ in the UK via an online system.

A similar service will be introduced for the ‘right to rent’ checks for landlords.

(iii)           Self-enrolment of biometrics for EU citizens and a single system for biometric enrolment

Most EU citizens will not need to enrol their biometrics at a visa centre, instead, they can self-enrol using a smartphone self-enrolment application form.

Ultimately, the government aims to establish a single global immigration system for all migrants including extending the self-enrolment for visitors as well.

(iv)           Sponsorship requirement for workers, health and care visa holders and students

For all EU and non-EU workers, students and those on health and care visas will need to submit to the sponsorship requirement. This means that the employers or educational establishments must hold a valid sponsor licence in order to sponsor migrants.

Existing sponsor licence holders will be automatically granted new Skilled Worker Licence.

Additionally, the government will abolish the Resident Labour Market Test and remove the cap on skilled workers.

(v)             Skilled workers

Skilled workers must meet all the eligibility requirements and score points under the new immigration system.

Importantly, they must have a skilled job offer from a sponsor in the UK with a valid sponsor licence. Also, the migrant will need to satisfy the minimum skill level of RQF 3 or equivalent and meet the English language requirement.

Additionally, applicants are required to score additional 20 ‘tradeable’ points for the appropriate salary, or a job in a shortage occupation list or a relevant PhD.

Please see our article on skilled workers to read more:

(vi)           2-year visa for Graduates

The Graduate Route will be launching in Summer 2021 for graduates who have completed their studies at a Higher Education provider with a proven track record of compliance. They will be able to stay in the UK for 2 years for work at any skill level or to look for a job.

(vii)          Introduction of Electronic Travel Authorisations (ETAs)

For everyone who wish to travel to the UK, they will be required to seek permission in advance via ETAs. This will be excluding British and Irish citizens and those who already have a valid visa.

You can read more about the publication via the link below:

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