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❤ Valentines Day Fundraising ❤


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Donate Refugees

Sweet Treat for This Sweet Day to Give Sweetness to Someone’s Life!!!  

Last Valentines Day, Barar & Associates fundraised for a charity called Donate4Refugees ( to share sweetness to other people’s lives by holding a bake sale!

As we are working on the frontline of immigration, we have first-hand experience and knowledge of what some of the refugees face in order to establish a new life in a safer yet unfamiliar country.

Donate4Refugees raises money to urgently provide vulnerable children, women, and men of Europe’s refugee camps with the essentials for life not otherwise given by governments and larger aid organisations. Their vital humanitarian aid is offered with dignity, person-to-person, human-to-human, by an inspiring grassroots volunteer movement. That is, safe and dry places to sleep, hot meals, warmth, light, appropriate clothing and footwear and basic toiletries, as well as access to essential information and services. They offer a helping hand to people struggling through some of the hardest years of their life.

Barar & Associates are very grateful to everyone who contributed to the fundraising.

If you would like more information about Donate4Refugees, please refer to this link:


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