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UKVCAS: Assisted scanning charges when submitting immigration application in the UK


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UKVCAS: Assisted scanning charges

UKVCAS: Assisted scanning charges when submitting immigration application in the UK


Assisted scanning charges will be added to UKVCAS for immigration application submitted in the UK.


What is UKVCAS?

The Home Office launched its new digitalised services for visa applications called UK Visa and Citizenship Application Services (UKVCAS) in November 2018.

For more information about UKVCAS, please see our article on the subject:

Sopra Steria is the company which runs UKVCAS, they only have the administrative task to receive applications during appointments and do not make any decision on the applications. Additionally, they cannot advise on the application.

For the moment, there are 6 ‘core service points’ where free appointments are available for applicants from 10am to 4pm.

Additionally, there are 50 ‘enhanced centres’ and 1 ‘premium centre’ that applicants can use but they need to pay a fee.

Sopra Steria currently struggles with the demand for free appointments and is working with the Home Office to maximise free appointments. For more information on appointment fees, please refer to our article below:


Assisted scanning charges

Applicants using the core service points need to first self-upload their supporting documents before attending their appointment or they can use the assisted scanning service offered by Sopra Steria during their appointment free of charge.

This will change from 22nd July 2019. Applicants using the core service points will have to pay a fixed fee of £45 before attending their appointment for the assisted scanning charges service if they do not wish to self-upload their supporting documents.

Applicants will still have the possibility to self-upload documents themselves. However, for most of the immigration applications, the number of supporting documents is quite important. Therefore, self-uploading can be time-consuming and frustrating as there is a limit on the size of the scanned document that can be uploaded.

However, it is advisable to opt for the self-uploading service as the applicants can check which documents have been uploaded and ensure that nothing is missing. We know that Sopra Steria and the Home Office more generally face administrative issues, therefore the assisted scanning service may not guarantee that all the documents will be diligently uploaded.

Lastly, document scanning service remains part of the overall service provided by enhanced centres and the premium centre.


At Barar & Associates, once instructed, our service includes uploading supporting documents on behalf of our clients and ensuring that all documents needed for the application are properly submitted. Should you require assistance on your UK immigration matter, please do not hesitate to contact our professional team of immigration solicitors at or call us at 020 7487 8370.


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