Children’s Act

Children Matters

Dean is an experienced solicitor who understands the pain that a party goes through when a relationship breaks down and there is no agreement as to where the children will live with or what time they should spend with the parent whom they are not living with especially when the absent parent is used to seeing their children 7 days a week.


When a relationship does breaks down, it is not just weekend contact, often the absent parent will want contact during other days, for example there are holidays, family occasions, weekday contact where the absent parent helps the other parent who has other commitments such as work.

There could also be other issues with the collection and return of their children and often the parties must be told not to speak about the other parent in a negative manner. There are also instances where one parent may allege that the other parent is trying to turn the child or children against the other parent, which is known as alienation.

Moreover, there could be issues regarding alcohol drinking, drugs and violent behaviour of the absent parent.
Furthermore, there are some circumstances where parents live in a difficult country and their support network is there, and they may not want to relocate. If this is the case, the other parent may not agree to holidays away in that country for fear of the child or children not returning to the UK.

If an agreement cannot be agreed or if these above issues cannot become overcome, then the Family Court will need to be approached to help to decide and resolve these issues.

Dean can help whether it be with you partner as a lay person or a solicitor who the person may instruct. Exceptionally, Dean does his own advocacy where so often, he is negotiating with Barristers at Court.

Dean will try and find a pragmatic solution which does not always means everyone will be happy, but Dean is a realist and will be honest with the party who has instructed him. Dean’s advocacy has taken place all over the country.

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