At Barar & Associates, we are able to provide a wide-range of external services to our clients through our industry-leading partners. A strong relationship with various experts from a wide range of industries allows us to cater for all of our clients' requirements.

Sykes Anderson Perry is an established City law firm who are only one of the few UK law firms who can assist with French legal matters including property, tax and probate.

Sykes Anderson Perry’s experienced teams of UK and international lawyers can provide expert service on:

  • Tax & Private Client
  • Property
  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Employment
  • Litigation
  • International Private Client

Through innovative thinking, Sykes Anderson Perry’s team of experienced UK and international lawyers adds value to your transaction. Their lawyers are focused on achieving the results you want and are geared to working with your professional advisors to ensure you are best looked after.

For further information please contact Emma Dauriac or Robie Ramos who can refer your query to our partner Sykes Anderson Perry.

Nordens is an award-winning chartered accountants who provides a World Class Accountancy Service to clients from every imaginable industry.

Nordens’ team of experienced practitioners understands the needs of a business. Through their understanding of their clients’ businesses, they are able to adapt and develop a unique approach that suits the needs of their clients.

Their approach to accountancy is a little different, they always uphold their culture by adhering their culture of respect, trust and professionalism through their own ways. Their practitioners go beyond simple accountancy to create a more manageable business which leads to a better personal wellbeing for their clients.

For further information please contact Emma Dauriac or Jiyin Oh who can refer your query to our partner Nordens.

Europe has long established itself as the most sought-after region in terms of high number of immigrants and accounting for over half of the total number of global citizenship applications.

Also, with BREXIT fast approaching, many clients are seeking to secure their settled status in the UK by obtaining EU (Cyprus) citizenship first and arriving in the UK before BREXIT as EU nationals.

The Cypriot immigration policy and legal framework now enable Non-EU applicants to obtain Cypriot citizenship on an expedited basis through investment.

The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program allows you to obtain EU citizenship within 6 months through investment. Investors making a minimum investment of €2.0M in real estate situated in Cyprus (or €2.5M in combination of real estate and other investment options), and who satisfy the good standing criteria set by the Cyprus government, receive a Cypriot passport within only 6 months. After 3 years the investor can liquidate their investment and simply own a residential property or properties in Cyprus to the value of €500,000. The main advantages of the program are:

  • Cyprus does not require applicants to live on the island prior, during or after the application process, unlike all other EU countries with citizenship programs that impose some form of residency requirements.
  • Application process takes 6 months, with approval granted within approximately 4 months.
  • Simple and straightforward application process with no requirements to disclose source of wealth or funds, no medical testing, and no language requirements.
  • Approved by the EU (being one of only two CBI programs in Europe with official EU approval).
  • The program is available for the whole family, including spouse, minor children, financially dependent adult children and parents
  • Visa free access to travel freely within over 159 counties worldwide, including all

EU countries and Canada

  • It gives the right to live, work and study without restriction within the 28 countries of the EU, as well as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.
  • The Cyprus Non-domicile individuals can enjoy zero taxation of worldwide dividends, royalty and interest income for a period of 17 years, as well as on proceed from fale of securities
  • Dual citizenship is permitted

The above services are provided by our partner firm, C. Savva & Associates Ltd. Our Cyprus immigration partners will be happy to provide free consultations and answer any questions that you may have by phone, or email or meeting in person in London, Cyprus, or another convenient location.

The services include preparation of application, assistance to Cypriot Citizenship by Investment applicants with finding the right investment, including investments into residential and commercial property and other eligible (non property related) investment in Cyprus, which in most cases guarantee a return on investment and/or a contract exit within 3-5 years. Some of the options include buy back guarantee after 3 or 5 years, backed up by bank guarantee or corporate guarantee by the developer.

Our immigration partners also be happy to welcome you in Cyprus in person, to assist you in further exploring the Citizenship by Investment program and investment options. They will arrange everything from accommodation to showing you around the island, viewing properties, meetings with property developers and answer any questions you may have.

For further information please contact Jiyin Oh who can refer your query or interest reading this programme to C. Savva & Associates.

International Money Transfers

If you need to transfer funds internationally or are regularly making foreign exchange transactions it is worth considering your options.

The best exchange rates and the most comprehensive services are available by using a currency exchange specialist. A currency specialist should provide:

  • Expert guidance

Providing clients with currency insights and analysis on market trends for individual currency pairings, so clients can time their trades for maximum return and to minimise risk

  • Market leading exchange rates

Offering rates up to 4% better than a UK high street bank

  • Fast, efficient payments

All funds held in segregated client accounts and next day transfers available

  • FCA authorised

Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority as a Payments Institution

  • Outstanding service

You should expect industry-leading service from your trusted advisors.

Introducing Halo Financial

Halo Financial is an award winning, FCA authorised UK foreign exchange brokerage, offering a comprehensive range of international payment and currency risk management services across 40 different currencies to individuals and businesses around the world.

The Halo team is an experienced, award-winning and – above all – friendly group, offering jargon-free guidance so you are in the know about currency markets, what they mean for you and your money.

Barar Associates are proud to partner with Halo Financial to deliver currency exchange excellence, as well as providing up-to-date currency news and guidance for the company.

Do you have a currency requirement in the next 12 months?

If so, contact Emma Dauriac or Khayrullo Abdullaev who can refer you to our partner Halo Financial who can provide free currency insights and guidance and assist you in getting the best results from your international transfers.